Fall Into Fitness This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get in shape with these tips from UW Health and Go Red for WomenDid you miss "bikini boot camp" this summer or fail to achieve the beach body you were hoping for? Or maybe you just slipped up on your fitness or weight loss program. Don't worry, because it's not too late to get back on track with your heart-healthy goals. In fact, now is actually the perfect time to set your fitness goals for fall and get a jumpstart!


Sticking to an exercise schedule or healthy meal preparation can be a challenge during the summer months. With vacations, changes in schedule and kids home from school, many women struggle to maintain an exercise program or lose weight this time of year. They look forward to the resumed routines and break in the heat and humidity that fall offers.


But don't wait until the leaves change colors to get going. Now is a great time to start training for your local Halloween Hustle or Turkey Trot! Check your community calendar, websites like active.com or even UW Health's events calendar to find 5K run/walks, triathlons or bike rides in your area. You'll stay active from summer through fall as you train for an event, and then you'll transition actively into the holiday season.


If you haven't exercised frequently or vigorously this summer, start slowly. Simply walking or jogging for 10 to 20 minutes daily is an achievable goal. Many training programs offer walk-run routines to ease you into a running program. Check out online tools such as a 5K training guide or goal setting guide as well as advice from psychologist Shilagh Mirgain on setting and sticking to goals.


If formal events or training programs are not for you, there are many other ways to get active this summer and fall. Check out some local biking or hiking trails. Take the short routes now and by the time fall arrives, you can enjoy crisper air and longer treks.


It's easy to get off track from our fitness goals and routines. And it's even easier to stay off track by putting off starting until tomorrow or "the next event." Don't wait any longer. Build some simple biking, running or walking activities into your summer schedule so you are ready to take it to the next level this fall. Make your resolution now, not in January and you will transition from season to season feeling healthier and better than ever.