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Daisy Girl Scouts: Ages 5 and 6
Brownie Girl Scouts: Ages 6-8, Grades K-2
The purpose of the Go Red Girl Scouts Patch Program is to raise awareness of the danger of heart disease as a serious women's health issue that starts with lifestyle habits developed early in life.
The patch activities and online tools teach you how to keep your heart strong. Earning this patch will also help you:
  • Learn to make healthier choices
  • Empower women you love to do the same

Use our online tools to earn your Go Red patch. Don't forget to go to the Go Red Resource Page for Girls and print your own Love Your Heart Journal (PDF)! It's a great guide to help you earn your patch.


Patch Requirements

Daisies: Complete 2 activities, each from a different section
Brownies: Complete 3 activities, each from a different section

Patch Activities 


Heart Education


Heart Education Activities

  • Self-Explore: Visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girls and print your own Love Your Heart Journal (PDF)to explore your heart health. Decorate it, update it and have fun with it!
  • Activity Pyramid: Print a Kids Activity Pyramid (PDF). Talk about it with your troop or family. Then act out the different activities. Put the pyramid up on your refrigerator at home to remind yourself and your family of activity guidelines that help keep your heart healthy.
  • Cuisine Collage:Food helps us stay alive and healthy. Eating a variety of foods helps you feel good and take care of your heart. But some foods are better for your heart than others. Cut out magazine pictures of food with your troop or family. Draw a line on a piece of cardboard to make two columns. Draw a big heart on the top of one column and a little heart on the other column. Tape the heart-healthy foods under the big heart and the unhealthy foods under the little heart. Talk about what you learned.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red heart education activity. 




Nutrition Activities

  • Creative Snacking: As a troop or with your family, invent a heart-healthy snack. Eat it together and talk about what makes it healthy for your heart. For helpful hints, visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girls.
  • Heart-Healthy Picnic Adventure:Plan a heart-healthy picnic adventure as a troop or with your family. Walk or bike to a local park and explore the surroundings. Make a heart-healthy picnic meal or snack. If it is too cold outside, put blankets down and have your own indoor picnic. Use your imagination!
  • Nutrition Exploration: Have a fruit and vegetable taste-test as a troop. Try at least 5 fruits and vegetables that you have never tried before (like pomegranates or eggplant). When you are done, draw a "grocery list" of your favorite foods and bring it home to share with your family.

    Just For Fun - Put on a blindfold while you taste the foods!
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red nutrition activity.



Fitness Activities

  • Troop Fitness:For 2 months, start or end each troop meeting with 20 minutes of exercise. For example, check out an exercise video from the library or have a dance party with your favorite music and healthy snacks.
  • Exercise Exploration: Girls who do exercise activities that they enjoy are more likely to stick with them as they grow up. Make a list of your favorite activities, using your Love Your Heart Journal (PDF). Then try one new physical activity, like hip-hop or yoga, with your troop or family. What did you like or not like about it? Talk about it!
  • Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course in your backyard or playground as a troop or with your family. Use a stopwatch to time each person as they go through the course. Tell your leader how you did: What did you learn? How hard did your heart work during the obstacle course?

    Just For Fun - Before the event, make your own Love Your Heart medal out of ribbon and paper/cardboard. Color or paint a heart-healthy message or picture on it. Give the medal to a woman that you love.
  • Jump Rope:Participate in your school's local Jump Rope for Heart event. Design your own Go Red Girl Scouts t-shirt to show your Girl Scout pride.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red fitness activity.




Family Activities

  • Help Her Heart: Visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girls and print the Go Red Greeting Card Template (PDF). Print and decorate them for 3 women you love. In the cards, tell them what you love about their hearts. Then tell them that their heart health is important to you.
  • Walk For Heart Health:Make a promise with a woman you love to walk together, at least twice per week, for 2 weeks. Visit new neighborhoods! Play with fast, medium and slow walking speeds to get your heart working.
  • Family Activity Challenge:Challenge your family to try a new sport, activity or outdoor game.
  • Family Meal: Ask your family if you can help cook a heart-healthy meal in the kitchen. For heart-healthy recipe ideas, visit the Go Red Resource Page for Girls.
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red family activity.




Service Activities

  • Go Red Girl Scouts Online Art Gallery: Draw a picture to teach others about heart health and submit it to the Go Red Girl Scouts online art gallery. Your artwork will appear in the online art gallery. Be creative! Art work will be updated once a month. Learn more about the Go Red Girl Scouts Online Art Gallery.  
  • Invent Your Own: Come up with your own Go Red service activity.
This patch program springs from a UW Health Heart and Vascular Care partnership with the American Heart Association to bring the national Go Red For Women Campaign to a local level. Together, we can raise awareness of the risk of heart disease as the No. 1 killer of women.