Are You Eating Too Much Salt?


Are you eating too much salt?


The answer is - probably.


Nine out of ten Americans consume more than recommended amounts of sodium in their diet.


Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined the top 10 foods that supply the sodium we consume. Surprising to most, bread is number one.


Top 10 Foods That Supply the Sodium We Consume

  1. Bread and rolls (7.4% of overall sodium consumption)
  2. Cold cuts and cured meats (5.1%)
  3. Pizza (4.9%)
  4. Fresh and processed poultry (4.5%)
  5. Soups (4.3%)
  6. Sandwiches, such as cheeseburgers (4.0%)
  7. Cheese (3.8%)
  8. Pasta mixed dishes, such as spaghetti with meat sauce (3.3%)
  9. Meat mixed dishes, such as meat loaf with tomato sauce (3.2%)
  10. Savory snacks, such as chips and pretzels (3.1%)


Why Does Bread Rank No. 1?


Bread does not have the most sodium per serving, but, it is the largest supplier of American sodium intake because it is consumed many times per day.


According to the CDC, all of this excess salt can lead to heart disease and stroke by raising blood pressure. The CDC recommends eating more vegetables and fruits, examining nutrition labels on food products and requesting lower sodium options when dining out.


U.S. residents consume 3,266 mg of salt per day on average, more than the recommended 2,300 mg and nearly double the recommended 1,500 mg for those over 50 years old and those with high blood pressure and diabetes. Learn about sodium intake at the CDC website