Ulcerative Colitis Research Studies

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  • Severe, active ulcerative colitis
  • No need for immediate surgery
  • No other ulcerative colitis meds allowed, other than glucocorticoids or 5 ASAs
PET With Asacol (Ulcerative Colitis)
Principal Investigator (PI): Mark Reichelderfer, MD
Enrollment Target: 10 patients plus 5 controls
Use PET scanning to evaluate patients with active ulcerative colitis vs. patients with ulcerative colitis in remission. In addition, to assess and characterize the response to Asacol.
  • Any corticosteroids within one month prior to the baseline visit (including Budesonide)
  • Immunomodulatory therapy including, but not limited to, 6-mercaptopurine, azathioprine, cyclosporine or methotrexate within 3 months prior to the baseline visit
  • Received a dose of mesalamine-containing compound by any route from which more than 1.6 g/day of mesalamine was available within one week prior to the screening visit (NOTE: 4 g/day of sulfasalazine and 4.5 g/day of balsalazide are equivalent to 1.6 g/day of mesalamine); washout would be one week
  • Received any experimental or investigational drug for the treatment of ulcerative colitis during the one-month period prior to the baseline visit
Contact Information

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