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At UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, geriatric consultations are a convenient, efficient way for referring physicians to set up evaluations of their older patients and determine if UW Health specialty clinic care is warranted.
Geriatric Consultations
Geriatric consultations are comprised of four clinics:
Referrals are reviewed by our specialty triage registred nurse, who calls the patient to review health history. Our geriatric team assesses each patient and develops recommendations for the patient's care and follow-up.
UW Health Geriatric consultations: woman talking to physicianPatient benefits from geriatric consultations:
  • Improved functional status
  • Decreased chance of admission to hospital, nursing home or other care facility
  • Decreased fall risk
  • Reduced adverse effects of medications
  • Improved quality-of-life
  • Enhanced care management with primary care team
Geriatric Assessment Clinic (GAC)
The Geriatric Assessment Clinic is for our older adults who may be at risk for losing independence, typically over the age of 65, with complicated health profiles that may include:
  • Decline in functional status and/or declined capacity for self-care, including falls
  • Early or progressive memory difficulty
  • Complicated medication management, including history of adverse drug reactions
  • Late-life depression, anxiety, sleep issues and other psychiatric difficulties
Memory Assessment Clinic
The Memory Assessment Clinic is for patients typically over the age of 65. Patients who would benefit are those with any of the following concerns:
  • Memory loss, impaired problem-solving and associated behavior problems
  • Atypical features of dementia
  • Evidence for declining functional status related to cognitive issues
  • Cognitive changes that may be related to medications
Mobility and Falls Clinic
The Mobility and Falls Clinic is for our older adults typically over the age of 65 who are experiencing:
  • Recurrent falls with or without physical injury
  • Fear of falling with functional consequences
  • Declining mobility and function

Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (POSH) Clinic


Our Perioperative Optimization of Senior Health (POSH) Clinic is designed for patients over the age of 60 who are referred by their surgeons for assistance in preparing for complex surgeries.  Older adults have a greater risk of certain health complications during and after surgery.  Our POSH providers provide comprehensive evaluation of each individual's risk and work closely with you and your surgical team to prepare for a successful surgery and healthy recovery.


Surgery categories include:

  • Gastrointestinal Oncology Surgeries
  • Gynecological Oncology Surgeries
  • Vascular Surgeries
  • Cancer related surgeries

POSH patients are followed in the hospital by the ACE inpatient geriatric team to further help in healthy recovery and safe discharge.