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Building a new Web site is a long but exciting process. With three years of experience with and a constantly growing universe of information and Web pages, a new site presented the opportunity to create a more patient-friendly experience.
Why do we need a new site?
Most organizations redesign their site every three to four years. The first version of was launched in August 2003, so it was time for us to consider a redesign.
In addition, we had outgrown our existing site in many ways. Programs like Heart and Vascular Care and UW Carbone Cancer Center had a lot of information to present, but were limited by the existing site's design and structure.
What were your goals for the new site?
There were many goals for the new site, all centered around creating a better experience for our patients:
  • Create a softer, warmer look and feel
  • Create a "destination" feel for programs so patients can more easily find the information they are seeking
  • Replace the Find a Doctor tool with a new tool that works faster and renders more logical results
  • Improve the site search
  • Make it easier to get to maps and phone numbers

How did you approach this project?

Given the scope of this project, we decided to divide the project into several tracks. Each track had a working group to provide more hands-on knowledge or input and a stakeholder group to help with larger decisions or provide final approval.
The tracks included:
  • Design
  • Information Architecture (site organization)
  • Find a Doctor
  • Content
  • Technology (such as Bill Pay and Prescription Refill)

How did you decide how to organize the site?


Prior to beginning the design phase of the project, we had to decide how the site would be organized. We had to identify our key navigation elements and which of those elements should receive the most weight. This was accomplished through a series of meetings. e-Health staff spent many hours debating and providing recommendations which were then shared with staff from throughout UW Health and tested with our patients.
The end result is the top navigation that you see on the site with the emphasis placed on Our Services, Find a Doctor and Health Information.
How did you come up with the look and feel (site design)?
After the site organization was finalized, we provided key home page and navigation elements to a set of designers from an external firm. After a couple of weeks, they returned with a set of designs which were shared over a series of meetings with the design stakeholder group. Since none of the designs hit the mark, we started from scratch with a second batch of designs. The next batch provided better results and were refined to eventually provide the final design. The entire process took about eight weeks.
Participants on the design stakeholder group included service line managers, representatives from marketing and public affairs and several physicians.
Where did all of the information come from?
The majority of the site's content was moved to the new site from the existing Each page and every section had to be reorganized given the structure on the new site, which differs from the existing site. 
The Health Information section features content licensed from A.D.A.M. You'll find links to this content throughout the site.
Health Facts For You have also been published to the new site and can be accessed through the Health Information page. HFFY have also been incorporated into service pages, when requested.
What if I notice that information for my program or service is missing, outdated or in need of new content?
Please send an e-mail to with your request. A member of our editorial team will contact you.
Can I change my program's color palate?
Programs have the option of five palates: blue, red, green, earth and jewel. If you would like to change your palate, please send an e-mail to with your request. A member of our editorial team will contact you.
What should I check out on the site?
Feel free to surf around! You may want to check out the new Find a Doctor tool. It works very fast and has some new features, including browse options. The site search in the top navigation also works great. All of the program pages under Our Services have been reworked and each has its own destination. Check it out!
When will this site replace our current site?
We plan to launch the new in July, though we have not identified a launch date. We want to give people some time to explore the new site since it's a drastic departure from the existing site and has so many new features, like the new Find a Doctor tool. We need to see what kind of feedback we get. As soon as we are comfortable, we will launch the site.
How can I provide feedback?
There are two surveys available for you to use. One is to provide feedback and opinions and one can provide more detailed information about problems or issues:
Beta/Test Survey

Report a Problem