Enterra Therapy Program: Surgery Results, Insurance and Appointments

UW Health surgeons offerEnterraTM Therapy for some patients suffering from gastroparesis.




To make an appointment, please call (608) 263-1036. Please bring along (or fax at 608-263-7652) any relevant medical records.


How often do I need to see my Enterra ™ implanting physician after surgery?


The UW protocol calls for visits at two weeks, two months, six months, and every year. More visits may be required in patients who are slower to respond to Enterra™ Therapy treatment or in patients with problems.


At each visit, we will interrogate your neurostimulator to ensure that it is still functional and the parameters are acceptable. The settings on your neurostimulator can be adjusted in an attempt to improve your symptom control if necessary.


What are the results at the University of Wisconsin with this procedure?


As of the end of 2009, we will have placed 40 gastric neurostimulators. Complication rates are extremely low, and many patients have experienced improved gastroparesis symptoms, in some cases significant improvement.


Does insurance pay for Enterra ™ Therapy?


Many insurance companies pay for the Enterra™ Therapy. Your doctor will communicate with your insurance company to request coverage. Your physician will explain your symptoms and Enterra™ Therapy. You may also need to communicate with your insurance company.