W.A.S.H. U.P.



Stay healthy, and remember to W.A.S.H. U.P.


Prevention is the best defense against the flu and other airborne illnesses, and reduces the chances that you will infect someone else. Keep your family healthy this year by remembering to W.A.S.H. U.P.




Wash for at least 15 seconds with warm water and soap, especially BEFORE you eat and AFTER coughing, blowing your nose or being in public or near people who are ill.



Keep your distance at work and in public.



Dispose of used tissues promptly and appropriately.



Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes. They all provide a direct route for germs to enter your system. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of germs.



Keep stress at a manageable level, eat right and get enough sleep.



Check below to see if you should get flu vaccine.


Who should get the flu vaccine?

UW Health and the CDC recommend everyone 6 months old and older get vaccinated against the flu.