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Jessica A. Scott Schwoerer, MD close
Jessica A. Scott Schwoerer, MD

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Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr. Scott Schwoerer earned her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (formerly UW Medical School), Madison, WI and completed her residency and fellowship at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.  She is board certified in pediatrics.



Waisman Center
(608) 263-3301 | (800) 323-8942 | Map
Waisman Center
(608) 263-3301 | (800) 323-8942 | Map
Waisman Center
(608) 263-3301 | (800) 323-8942 | Map
Aurora Children's Health (Green Bay)
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Hospital Affiliation(s)

University Hospital
UnityPoint Health - Meriter

UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Department of Pediatrics

Professional Certifications and Education

Board Certification Clinical Biochemical Genetics
Clinical Genetics
Fellowship University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI
Residency University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI
Internship University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI
Medical School University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (formerly UW Medical School), Madison, WI

Medical interpreters are available to help patients communicate with hospital and clinic staff. For more information, please contact interpreter services at (608) 262-9000.
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