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Dr. Costanzo is a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. She is a clinical health psychologist specializing in the care and treatment of individuals coping with cancer and their family members.


Dr. Costanzo's clinical interests include coping and adjustment to illness, treatment of depression and anxiety co-occurring with medical conditions, non-medication approaches to managing treatment side effects, psychosocial concerns of young adults with cancer, cancer survivorship and evaluation of cognitive changes with cancer treatment. She serves as the primary psychologist for the UW Bone Marrow Transplant Program.



Cancer Psychology

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UW Carbone Cancer Center
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Professional Certifications and Education

Education University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Fellowship University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI
Internship University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI

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Dr. Costanzo conducts clinical and translational research sponsored by the National Cancer Institute addressing the contributions of psychological factors to the health and well-being of cancer patients.

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