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Douglas G. McNeel, MD, PhD

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Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr. McNeel is a genitourinary medical oncologist with a clinical and research focus on prostate cancer immunology. Since 1997 he and his laboratory have studied vaccines for prostate cancer, specifically identifying antigens to target in vaccines, testing the ability of vaccines to eliminate prostate cancer cells and translating these studies to human clinical trials.


Medical Oncology

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Hospital Affiliation(s)

University Hospital (primary)
Veterans Hospital - Wm. S. Middleton Memorial (secondary)

UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Department of Medicine

Professional Certifications and Education

Board Certification Medical Oncology
Fellowship University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Residency University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle
Internship University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle
Medical School University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, 1994


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Languages Spoken

English, French
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