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Dinesh M. Shah, MD

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Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Dinesh M. Shah, MD, earned his medical degree from the T. National Medical College of the University of Bombay in India and completed his residency at Rajawadi Municipal General Hospital in Bombay, St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago, Illinois and B.Y.L. Nair Hospital in Bombay.


Maternal Fetal Medicine

High-Risk Pregnancy

Mother – Baby Care (Maternal-Fetal Medicine)


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Hospital Affiliation(s)

UnityPoint Health - Meriter
St. Mary's Hospital

UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Professional Certifications and Education

Board Certification Obstetrics & Gynecology
Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Maternal-Fetal Medicine, State University of New York Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY

Maternal-Fetal Medicine, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Residency B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Bombay, India
St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago, IL
Rajawadi Municipal General Hospital, Bombay, India
Internship B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Bombay, India
Medical School T. National Medical College, University of Bombay, India

Medical interpreters are available to help patients communicate with hospital and clinic staff. For more information, please contact interpreter services at (608) 262-9000.
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