COVID-19 UPDATE: As we adjust services in response to COVID-19, patients should access billing consultation and financial counseling services through MyChart or by telephone at (877) 278-6437.


UW Health is committed to providing financial counseling assistance to help our patients and families develop a plan to ease financial hardships and stress due to planned and unplanned medical bills.


Our financial counselors can help you understand your insurance coverage and benefits, answer questions related to the cost of healthcare services, and provide options on how you can pay your current and future medical bills.


To help us provide the best possible service to you, we encourage you to contact us as early as possible—before services are provided and costs are incurred.


Financial Counseling Services 

  • Creating estimates for upcoming services
  • Education on insurance terms and benefits (copayments, deductibles, networks, etc)
  • Developing a financial plan for satisfying current and future bills
  • Setting up payment plans
  • Linking patients to potential insurance options, such as Medicaid, Medicare, the healthcare insurance marketplace
  • Identifying eligibility for UW Health’s financial assistance program