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Regaining Vitality at the Faint and Fall Clinic Video Transcript


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Waunakee's Joe Capaul felt "worn out" for the past few years. A trip to UW Hospital and Clinics' Faint and Fall Clinic revealed the need for a pacemaker, and he says he was impressed with the expediency of the clinic process.
Video Transcript
Watch Joe's video, or read the transcript:
I have always been like an active person but for the last x-year's times I've been just wore out. I was driving to church and I could feel myself passing out in my driveway.
And then I had my daughter-in-law take me into the hospital and to UW, into the emergency ward, stayed there all day. They put me into the hospital that night.
I guess you could kind of explain it as a procedural expedience, so instead of having you go home for a day or two and back in for more tests, they put you in, they get the job done and it's over with. I was really impressed. Everything went bing, bing, bing. There was no waiting in between. There was no holdovers on time. They knew exactly what to do.
Before this there was times I would have to get off of the tractor and lay down in the field. I was that tired, just physically exhausted. Now, I can go all day long or as long as I want to. The worry and the stress of my own health isn't there and that's got to improve my whole mind frame.