Faint and Fall Clinic

UW Health's Faint and Fall Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin draws on the combined expertise of specialists in cardiovascular medicine, geriatrics and neurology.
Standardized Approach to Care
The Faint and Fall Clinic uses a unique, standardized approach to care. Rather than sending the patient to multiple specialists at different locations, all the specialists are brought to the patient while in clinic. As a result, patients benefit from a quicker and better diagnosis.
Patients 18 years and older with fainting spells are seen within 48 hours when indicated. In addition, tests that usually occur through multiple appointments over weeks or months, can be completed in one clinic visit. Faster diagnosis means treatment can be provided sooner to avoid a second fainting episode or recurrent fall.
Once a diagnosis is determined, the patient may be referred to additional specialists for treatment or referred back to the patient’s primary care provider for follow-up care. 
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