UW Health Optical Shops

UW Health Eye Clinics are the ideal solution for your complete eye care needs.


In addition to the professional, comprehensive eye care services we provide, UW Health Optical offers a wide selection of competitively priced frames and lenses conveniently located at each eye clinic.


Whether you are looking for prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, specialty lenses or sport/safety goggles, UW Health Optical can turn your vision prescription into the perfect eyewear fit for you. Our board-certified opticians are part of UW Health's eye care team and work with your doctor to ensure you achieve the best possible vision with your new eyewear. They will help you find the right shape, style and colors that are best matched for you.


News: A Closer Look at Ordering Eyeglasses Online


Fall 2019 Eyewear Event


25 percent off complete pairs of eyewear. Hundreds of frames on sale.


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Optical Shop Locations and Hours


UW Health Deming Way Clinic Optical Shop

2349 Deming Way, Suite 200, Middleton

(608) 824-3930

Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm

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UW Health East Clinic Optical Shop 

5249 East Terrace Drive, Madison

(608) 265-1203

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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UW Health Madison Eye Associates Clinic Optical Shop

780 Regent Street, Suite 306, Madison

(608) 251-7286

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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UW Health University Station Clinic Optical Shop

2880 University Avenue, Madison

(608) 263-7480

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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UW Health West Clinic Optical Shop 

451 Junction Road, Madison

(608) 265-7731

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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Our Offerings


We carry a large variety of frames; designer, new trends, popular styles and brand names such as Banana Republic, BCBG, Callaway, Costa, Flexon, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Maui Jim, Modo, Nike, Silhouette, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.



We offer high quality, digitally crafted leading brands and specialty lenses, including Crizal®, Transitions®, Varilux® and more, as well as unbranded and value options.



We offer all disposable, RGP and specialty lenses at competitive prices. Most are also available to order online.


Complementary Fittings

UW Health optical shops offer free fitting for eyewear you've purchased online, no matter where you bought your eyeglasses.


UW Health Optical Packages and Special Sales

We offer a variety of specials including value packages, premium packages, insurance discounts, multiple pair discounts, spring and fall eyewear event specials and more.

  • Value packages starting at $110
  • Ask about our second pair 50% off lenses discount
  • Sport and swim goggle packages available
  • A one-year warranty is included on all frames and lenses


UW Health Optical No-Risk Guarantee

Prescription: Your new glasses are guaranteed to be made accurately according to the prescription provided to you by your eye doctor. If your doctor needs to make adjustments to your prescription, we will remake your lenses for you at no additional charge up to 90 days (6 months for post cataract patients) from your original exam date.


Frame and lenses: Your new glasses have a 1-year warranty from the date your order is placed. If your frame or lenses are defective or become damaged within the warranty period, we will replace it, once, at no charge. Original frame and /or lenses must be surrendered at time of exchange. This guarantee does not cover loss or abuse.


Service: We will provide frame adjustments and minor repairs including screw and nose pad replacement for the life of your new glasses.


Refunds: Any refunds or exchanges available within 30 days from date of your order.

Helpful Information About Children's Eyes

Did you know ...

  • 80% of learning in a child's first 12 years comes through the eyes. 
  • A child's developing eye is more vulnerable to UV damage.
  • Vision screenings can miss up to 60 percent of serious problems that an eye exam can catch.
  • Worldwide, approximately more than 12 million children ages 5-15 are visually impaired due to uncorrected refractive errors. 

Recognize the signs that could mean your child needs vision correction:

  • Trouble seeing up close or reading the board
  • Poor grades
  • Headaches
  • Watery eyes
  • Excessive blinking or rubbing of the eyes

Eyeglass Care Tips

The proper way to clean your eyeglasses is to spray the lenses with eyeglass lens cleaner and gently wipe them dry using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. If your lenses are exceptionally dirty, rinse them under cool water before spraying with eyeglass lens cleaner. Do not use any paper products to dry or clean your lenses. Do not use household cleaners as they contain harsh chemicals that can harm your eyeglass lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my eyes checked if I wear glasses and/or contacts?

It is recommended to have a preventative eye exam every year to check your eye health as well as any potential updates in your prescription. If you wear contacts, you must be seen every year to update the prescription. The provider will check the fit of the contacts as the shape of your eye can change. The provider will also make sure to update your lenses to the latest technology.


How often should I get new glasses?

You should update your glasses each time your prescription changes or sooner based on the condition of the lenses and frames.


How much does it cost to see an eye doctor without insurance?

Eye exams can vary depending on the insurance you have and the type of exam you need. It is best to call your doctor’s office to get an estimate. If you wear contacts, there is an additional fee associated with fitting the lenses.


How long does it take for eyes to adjust to new glasses?

Adjustment periods for new eyewear can vary. Some patients do not have an ‘adjustment’ period while others may need 1-2 weeks. Patients with multifocals, an astigmatism or significant changes in a prescription may need time to adapt to the changes.


How long does an eyeglass prescription last?

Most glasses and contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year.


What are common signs that my child may need glasses?

Your child may squint or instinctively sit closer to screens than is reasonable, may experience headaches, holding devices or standing very close to a tv or other objects, noticing that an eye is wandering and they even may have behavioral problems or a negative change in their grades at school. It is recommended if there are any eye diseases or conditions in the family to schedule an eye exam for your child.


What are some signs I need new glasses?

If you blink or rub your eyes frequently, get headaches, or have trouble keeping focus on things close up, far away or while on a computer these maybe signs of needing prescription eyewear. See your provider to be sure.


Can I return my glasses?

At UW Health Optical, you may return your glasses within 30 days if you change your mind. We will also remake your glasses at no cost if the prescription is not working for you or if you don’t love the style within the first 90 days of prescription date.


Do you carry any brands that fit larger heads?

UW Health Optical carries larger sizes and can also order additional sizes from the manufacturers. We carry eyewear that will accommodate infants and we fit a very wide range of face shapes and sizes including petite frames for women as well.


Do you have the glasses that switch from clear to sunglasses when you go outside?

Yes, we carry Transitions lenses. They come in a variety of colors and can also be polarized to reduce glare.


My children break their glasses a lot. Can anything help?

UW Health Optical has Flexon, frames that can bend and go right back into shape and if that doesn’t help we have a one year warranty on glasses, including kids glasses. Some of our locations also carry eyewear that is a soft rubbery material without any screws that are extremely durable. See our guarantees for more details.


Do you have any glasses that are less likely to break?

Yes, we have several brands of frames that have superior durability. We also offer a one year warranty on glasses. See our guarantees for more details.


Are eyeglasses FSA and HSA eligible?

Yes, prescription eyeglasses are eligible for FSA and HSA. Most employers also allow reimbursement on supplies for prescription eyewear, like contact lens solution and more. Check with your HR department for eligibility.


What is a no glare or anti reflective lens treatment like Crizal?

No Glare or Anti Reflective coating reduces glare or reflections from the lens surface, allowing you to see more clearly when using digital devices (like smart phones, ipads, computers) or when driving at night. They also look better in pictures because the lenses look invisible. Some no glare and anti reflective treatments also have a blue light filter built in to them for added protection.


How can I protect my eyes from blue light and reduce eye strain?

UW Health Optical offers a variety of blue light protection eyewear from clear indoor options to polarized sunglasses. You can get this in your prescription or without a prescription.


What insurance do you take?

UW Health takes many insurances including Quartz, Unity, Physicians Plus, Medicare, Medicaid and more. It is best to call since there are many different plans and coverage within each plan.


Do you make frame recommendations based on my face shape?

Yes, UW Health Optical has board certified opticians that will help you find the best style based on your face shape as well as colors that will compliment you.


What brands of frames do you carry and how much are they?

UW Health Optical carries many brands including BCBG, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Costa, Dutz, Dolabany, Flexon, Kate Spade, Mark Jacobs, Nike, OGI, Ocean Pacific (OP), Silhouette, and many more. Since we are constantly changing to keep up with trends we change the inventory frequently so stop in to see the latest brands and styles. Our frame prices range from $100 to $350 and up with discounts available.


Can I buy contacts from you?

Yes. You can order online and have your contacts sent directly to your home or call one of our five eye clinics to have an optician place your order for pick up or delivery.


How fast can I get my glasses?

Most eyewear is completed in 5-7 days or sooner, some specialty eyewear may take up to two weeks. One of our opticians can tell you the timeframe based on your eyewear needs.


Can sunglasses be made into my prescription?

Yes. A variety of colors are available in tints and polarization, which blocks more glare. We have styles available from sporty to high fashion. These can also be purchased over the counter without a prescription.


Do I need an appointment to visit the optical shops at UW Health?

No. The optical shops take walk-ins and have staff at all of our locations ready to assist.


I’d like to order glasses online, can I get my pupil distance from the optical shops?

You may come in to request your pupil distance from the optical shops. Our $20 service fee includes the professional measurements and a follow-up check of the eyewear or troubleshooting if there is a problem with the eyewear once you receive it. UW Health Optical strongly recommends ordering glasses from an optician, especially when ordering for kids. Many glasses ordered online have problems such as incorrect prescriptions, measurements and even lenses in the wrong eyes or placed in the frames upside down as well as missing options that were paid for, and more.


How much will glasses cost me?

Because prescriptions vary significantly, and everyone’s needs are different, it is best to call or stop in for an estimate more specific to your needs.


Can I put my new prescription in my current frames?

Yes. We can reuse your frame to put new lenses in provided it is in good condition. Our lab takes the utmost care with your frame but there may be unknown damage or a weakness that could cause it to break during manufacturing. An optician will ensure the frame is strong enough and will last as long as your new lenses. They will review any concerns with you if needed.


Can scratches be removed from my current lenses?

Sorry, scratches cannot be polished or buffed out of lenses. This would ruin the surface of the lenses and potentially change the prescription of your eyewear. We do offer a one year warranty and will replace your lenses one time during the first year.


I saw a doctor who is not at UW Health. Can I still buy contacts or glasses at UW Health Optical?

Yes. Just stop by the optical shops at your convenience with your prescription and we will be happy to assist you with new eyewear or contact lenses.