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UW Health eye care service specialists offer comprehensive glaucoma care, a condition defined by damage to the optic nerve that results in blind areas in the field of vision.


About Glaucoma


The optic nerve carries information from the eye to the brain for interpretation. It is a key for good vision. For patients whom develop glaucoma, a buildup of pressure resulting from the improper release of fluid from the eye damages the optic nerve and causes poor vision.


Facts About Glaucoma

  • Although glaucoma begins in the periphery of the field of vision, complete blindness may result if the entire optic nerve is damaged
  • Your chance of developing one of four types of glaucoma increases as you age
  • Vision loss as a result of glaucoma is irreversible, and damage may be done before you notice a change
  • The only way to detect glaucoma is by visiting your eye care professional for special tests
  • People who have glaucoma should see their eye doctor at least once a year to monitor the disease’s progression