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American Family Children's Hospital

Eye Care Services (Ophthalmology) News

Ophthalmologists from the University of Wisconsin have been caring for patients and studying eye diseases since 1925.


In addition to developing sight-saving tests and treatments, we are also studying the way the eye changes with age, improving corneal transplantation and providing advanced training for ophthalmologists from throughout the country.


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8/10/2015Newsweek Ranks 15 Carbone Cancer Center Physicians as Tops in Nation
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9/17/2014"Saving Sight" Symposium Adds Diabetic Eye Problems to Agenda
5/23/2014Stent Reduces Eye Pressure for Glaucoma and Cataract Patients
10/07/2010Grant Could Lead to Non-Invasive Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy
8/09/2010Ophthalmologist May Soon Have an Answer For Strokes In the Eye
6/07/2010Keeping Your Eyes Safe During the Summer