Your Access Card: Why You Need to Use It Every Time

Patrons of the UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center need to use their access card every time they use the facility


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All patrons of the Sports Medicine Fitness Center are issued an access card to open the door into the center. We want to emphasize how important it is that each person swipes his or her card at each visit.


Who Has Access Cards?


The Fitness Center door limits access to the facility to patrons who have paid for

  • Fitness Center membership
  • Exercise classes
  • TRP (Therapeutic Rehab Program)

Why Use Your Card?


1. Safety and Security


The access door card helps ensure that only paid participants are using the facility and it also assists us in being certain that all users have been properly screened and are approved to safely participate in our center. Having each individual swipe his/her card at each visit helps us immeasurably by knowing who is in the facility at a given time. In the event of a weather emergency or fire, we need an accurate visit log to account for the safety of our users.


2. Incentives and Reimbursement


Each individual swiping his/her card at each visit creates an accurate visit log for each user. This visit log is important for:

  • Incentive program tracking (Holiday Holdout with a Heart (HHH); Tally The Times (TTT); and other incentive programs)
  • Insurance Company reimbursement for membership or class attendance (GHC Excellence Program; and flex spending accounts).

3. Service


Each individual swipe his/her card at each visit provides facility administration with an accurate portrait of the number of users accessing our facility. These volume statistics influence administrative decisions on issues such as:

  • Programming
  • Staffing
  • Hours of Operation
  • Equipment Purchases

Accurately documenting Fitness Center use can support us in making adjustments to better serve our clientele.


Thank you for bringing and swiping your access card on each visit to the Fitness Center. If you have lost your card the front desk staff can issue a replacement.