Winter Weather Reminders at the Fitness Center


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To Check for Weather-Related Closures

(608) 263-7936

The change of seasons brings reminders of facility use policies that help us keep our Fitness Center clean and safe to all users. We appreciate you taking the time to review the below policies. Please ask a staff person for any clarification on the below policies.


Use lockers or coat racks

Please place all belongings in a locker or use the coat rack (located at end of hallway) and shoe/boot rack for street shoes. Items left on the Fitness Center or classroom floors pose an obstacle to all and are potentially hazardous. Staff will ask you to move these items if they are encountered or they will be placed in our ‘lost and found.'


Shoes and boots

We ask that you use “exercise-only” shoes in the Fitness Center and class rooms. Please change out of your street shoes/boots into your indoor exercise shoes before entering the fitness center floor or classrooms. The benches in the elevator lobby or locker rooms are perfect for this task.

Please place your wet boots or shoes in your locker, on the mat by the lockers or on the rack outside the large aerobics class room.


Severe weather

The fitness center occasionally closes or cancels classes due to severe weather. A good rule of thumb is to check or call (608) 263-7936 before you come in. Class participants will be notified of cancellations by email and/or phone message. Please consider your safety driving and negotiating parking lots over your exercise routine.


Swipe your access card

Remember to swipe your facility access card with each visit. Many of you want to earn points toward our annual incentive programs. So bring your card and remember to swipe at each visit!


In addition to counting your visit for the incentive programs, your swipe is important to use for budgeting and staffing purposes. We use the card swipes to help us when budgeting for staffing, towel services and many other Fitness Center and class decisions.


Food donations

Starting in late October and running through December, class participants and Fitness Center members have the opportunity to participate in one of two incentive programs - Holiday Holdout with a Heart or Tally the Times. For those participanting, we look forward to your generous money or food donations to Second Harvest Foodbank. Please know that only nonexpired and unopened food items can be accepted by Second Harvest. Any expired or open-packaged food must be discarded. Thank you in advance for your generosity.