Winter Weather Reminders at the Fitness Center

To help keep the Fitness Center equipment and space uncluttered and accessible to everyone, we're asking for your help. Please keep the following in mind when using the facility this winter:


Change Your Shoes (or Boots)

Please change out of your boots and/or outside shoes before entering the new track, fitness center or exercise rooms. Store your boots/outdoor shoes in the locker room or boot cubbies outside the large class room.

A Special Reminder to Fitness Center Users


Please do not step around or over the theater chord blocking the track. Snow/sludge/water/salt from outdoor footwear stains and damages the track as well as creates a slipping hazard. Walk around in the perimeter to your changing destination and do not cross the track until you have changed into your indoor exercise footwear.


Where to Put Your Hats, Jackets, Scarves, Etc.


You are likely entering the facility with layers of extra clothing. Please do not bring these items with you into your exercise space (eg. the fitness center, your exercise class room, or the pool deck). Use the locker room or coat hangers down the East hallway to store these items. Help us keep these spaces uncluttered, safe, and accessible to all.


How to Find Out if the Facility is Closed Due to Severe Weather


As a reminder, when severe weather occurs, or anytime there is a facility closure, the Sports Medicine Fitness Center will inform its participants in multiple ways. If the weather looks questionable, you can check for closings and class cancellations through any of these sources:


Phone: Call (608) 263-7936. Any facility closing will be recorded on voicemail if staff isn't in building.


Email: An email will be sent to all Fitness Center members and class participants who have provided us with an email address.


Social Media: Follow UW Health on Facebook or Twitter to find facility closing information, and to receive the latest news and updates.


On the Web: Visit for facility closure information.