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Watch Fitness Center Staff on Facebook Live

Many of you may already be familiar with "Facebook Live" episodes. If not, they are live broadcasts hosted on Facebook for anyone to watch. Typically, they cover a variety of topics from real estate and investments, to cooking and healthcare. And the Fitness Center is getting in on the action.


Each month on UW Health's Facebook page, you'll find a range of topics covered by healthcare providers including physicians, dietitians, and even long-time Fitness Center staff Jude Sullivan and Dan Wanta.


Watch Jude and Dan on Facebook Live View a recording of last month's Facebook Live with Dan and Jude


Their monthly segments explore many of the guiding principles in exercise science and how they apply to a variety of our clients’ circumstances.


Tune in for Jude’s/Dan’s perspective and opinions on:

  • How to think about exercise
  • How/where exercise fits in your life
  • How to understand recommendations
  • How Martin Sheen could have a son named Emilio Estavez
  • How to keep yourself challenged and moving forward
  • Who the Packers should draft next year
  • The value of and ways to change up your exercise routine
  • Why 38 Special should never be considered for the rock n’ roll hall of fame

Next Facebook Live: September 28 at Noon


The next Fitness Center Facebook Live on September 28 (Thursday) at noon for “Exercise Intensity - How to Know You’re Doing It Right.” We hope you will join us on UW Health's Facebook page at


And if you're not able to watch live, a video of the presentation will be available on the Facebook page.


Submit Your Question or Topic Request


Want Jude and Dan, or another Fitness Center staff member, to answer your fitness questions? Submit yours either through this form, or you can even leave a note at the front desk.


Not on Facebook? You can watch the video once it's posted to the site.