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Try a New Fitness Center Class in the New Year

Trying to Find a Class That's Right for You?

Give us a call at (608) 263-7936, or complete our online form and we'd be happy to help you find something that meets your interests.

The New Year is just around the corner. Most of us have vowed (at least to ourselves…) that somehow, THIS YEAR, we were going to be more fit, healthier, happier, more involved, more....


We all know that these wishes/goals do not just happen. Taking the first step toward this fitter/healthier/happier you can occur in many ways. One of the simplest ways to get off on the right foot is to take an exercise class right here with us at the UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center.


In addition to being confident that your class will be safe and appropriate for your specific situation, our classes will introduce you to new fitness experiences while helping you gradually progress as you improve. Perhaps most importantly, the expert instruction by our outstanding instructors will keep you motivated and inspired. Of course, the comradery of the class setting brings out the best in each of us.


So, give some thought to trying something new in the New Year! A new class season starts January 8th and registration is open right now.


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