14 Years, 415,000 Meals, Everybody Wins

The Sports Medicine Fitness Center is proud to again be hosting Holiday Incentive Programs to encourage our participants during the busy months ahead as well as to support the vital work of the Second Harvest Foodbank.


Over the past 14 years the Sports Medicine Fitness Center has run holiday incentive programs for our participants. These incentive programs offer our participants the opportunity to earn great prizes by maintaining their commitment to regular exercise over this busy and hectic season.


These programs are designed to increase physical activity (to offset the potential overeating) and offer a convenient way to make charitable contributions to the Second Harvest Foodbank of southern Wisconsin. We purposefully made this charitable giving offer an essential part of the programs, and boy, have our participants responded.


Share This StoryOur participants donate, on average, over 30,000 meals annually to the Second Harvest Foodbank. To say that we're proud of our generous participants and our facility's collective effort would be an understatement. Indeed, we're accustomed to having a positive influence on individual health, but to lead a charitable effort that brings much needed food to the greater community is especially wonderful and inspiring.


The Need


Hunger is prevalent right here in Dane County. Daily, thousands of people are required to make difficult decisions about how to spend their money. Rent or food? Utilities or food? Second Harvest details the growing problem of hunger right here in our community on their website. We encourage you to visit to learn more about how hunger affects our neighbors right here in Dane County.


Our Impact


Through these programs we have donated more than 390,000 meals. The Sports Medicine Fitness Center has consistently ranked among the tops of private businesses participating in NBC-15's annual Share Your Holidays program.


The center gives away the prize (either a free one-month membership extension or a gift certificate toward class fees) but our participants make the commitment and do the work, exercising regularly and donating to this wonderful cause.


For more details about these two programs keep reading or see our bulletin boards in the facility locker rooms. And as always any of our staff would be happy to discuss the details with you.


Holiday Holdout with a Heart


Holiday Holdout with a Heart logoWe're excited to again bring you Holiday Holdout with a Heart (HHH). HHH is an incentive program encouraging you to remain consistent in your regular exercise program while reaching out to the hungry of our community. We want to encourage you to maintain your fitness program during this busy (and hectic) holiday season. Meanwhile, we will support the very important work of the Second Harvest Foodbank Of Southern Wisconsin during this special time.


The Fitness Center is offering a free one-month membership extension to HHH participants who meet the program's goal of 40 points. Points are earned in these ways:

  • Each visit between November 5 and December 23 to exercise in the Fitness Center earns you one point
  • Donating at least one food item or making a money donation during each collection interval (there are eight donation intervals) earns one point per interval (eight possible points)



Your visits to the Fitness Center will be counted through your access card swipes at the entry door. Therefore, it is imperative that you bring your own card and swipe it at the door on each visit to receive credit. Each participant can receive only one point for any given day (no matter how many times they visit the center or swipe their card). Update sheets will be posted showing participant visit totals.


Food/Cash Donation


During eight intervals, we will collect non-perishable food items and/or money for the Second Harvest Foodbank. You will receive an additional point for donating (one bonus point allowed per collection interval). Simply write your HHH number (these will be posted - memorize it!) on a donation ticket and drop it in the marked collection box. We will credit you the extra point for each interval you make a donation. You can reduce your exercise days by donating.


Of course, you are free to (and encouraged to) donate as often as you wish, but only one bonus point will be awarded for each donation interval (eight points maximum). Only Fitness Center members are eligible to win the one-month membership extension. However, we encourage and welcome all donations.




HHH starts Friday, November 5. There are 48 Fitness Center days (closed November 25) so take advantage of every day you can. Even better, donate during each collection interval (or a single donation to be credited with all bonus points at once) to earn additional points. A maximum of eight donation points are available. Plan your schedule and see if you can meet the Holiday Holdout with a Heart challenge!


Tally the Times


Tally the Times logoTally The Times (TTT) is a program for five weeks of the fall class season encouraging class participants to remain committed to their fitness class while reaching out to hungry people in our community. We want to encourage everyone to maintain his or her fitness commitment during this busy season and support the very important work of the Second Harvest Foodbank of southern Wisconsin during this special time.


Program dates: Monday, Oct. 31-Sunday Dec. 4


We are awarding a $10 (one class per week), $20 (two classes per week) or $30 (three classes per week) gift certificates toward future 2011 classes (expires August 31, 2012) to one consistent participant in each class. In addition, we will award every participant with perfect attendance during the TTT five-week period free enrollment in the winter intersession. This means they have access to the pools and the Fitness Center in the weeks between the class sessions.


Here's how it works:


Instructors will track each participant's attendance over the program's five-week duration. During the final class of this program a drawing from all participants with perfect attendance will determine the winner of the gift certificate. Only attendance of the class a participant registered for (class, day, time) will be counted. Make-up classes will not count toward TTT attendance, so participants need to make it to their class. However, two missed classes can be "bought back" through food or money donations to the Second Harvest Foodbank. For every five non-perishable food items or five dollars donated, participants can "buy back" a class they miss (up to two classes).


Food collection boxes will be located throughout the building. Participants must inform their instructor of donations to receive credit. Of course, any and all donations are welcome - whether you need to "buy back" a class or not - so please feel free to donate!


Independent pool use (Going Solo and Swim Fit) classes are not a part of Tally the Times. Please consult with your class team leader if you have any questions. Thanks and have fun!