Staff Spotlight: Wendy Broekema

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center staff member Wendy Broekema

This fall our Alignment Yoga class experienced a change of instructors. After starting the class 2 years ago, Lisa Atkins has turned over the class to Wendy Broekema. Wendy and Lisa studied together with Scott Anderson, one of the Midwest's preeminent Alignment Yoga trainers. Needless to say, we are delighted to have Wendy taking over these classes and are impressed with how seamlessly this transition has gone. Current participants are already raving about Wendy's knowledge, teaching style, energy and enthusiasm.


In addition to teaching two popular Alignment Yoga classes here (Wednesdays at 7:15am, Saturdays at 11:20am), Wendy also teaches yoga at Meriter Hospital.


Wendy is a Perinatal Care Educator at Meriter Hospital here in Madison. Over her 13 years there she has taught dozens of classes to hundreds of pregnant and post partum women. She has taught classes in childbirth education ranging from Water Birth Class to Baby and Mom Yoga. She has also worked as a Clinical Dietitian at Monroe Clinic.


Born in Mount Clemens, MI (near Detroit), Wendy moved to Madison in early childhood when her father (a psychology professor) came here to work. She grew up in Madison and attended East High School.


She attended UW Milwaukee as a Pre-Med/Anthropology major. Wendy studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle but returned to Madison to raise her family. While back in Madison, Wendy has earned a Masters degree in Nutrition.

Wendy is the proud mother of two sons (16, 13) and a daughter (8). Rounding out her near eastside household is a 4 year old Black Labrador named Maisy.


When time allows for it, Wendy enjoys cooking, hiking, and taking Maisy on long walks.


We’re excited and fortunate to have Wendy on our team. We hope you have the opportunity to meet her (and maybe take a class of hers).


Below Wendy answers a few of our questions so you can get to know her better.


Why did you become a yoga instructor?


Really it was to deepen my own practice, but then interesting teaching jobs came my way.


What do you like about working here?

The students are so dedicated!!


Hometown: Madison, WI


Current residence: Madison, near-east side


Birthday: February 19


Family: 3 amazing children (2 sons, 1 daughter)


Pets: Dog, two cats and - unfortunately - an inherited rabbit. Know any one looking for a rabbit?


Favorite Music: Always looking for new music but current favorite bands are Phantogram, Blond Redhead and Ty Segall.


Favorite Color: Blue


Favorite TV Show: Downton Abbey


Favorite Beverage: Grey Goose and seltzer


Something very few people know about me that I'm willing to divulge here: Yeah, right...