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American Family Children's Hospital

Staff Spotlight: Summer Staff Turnover

3 Out, 1 Back


Although "changing of the guards" in a facility this size is routine and expected, this summer's staff turnover presents a bit more change than is usual.


Three of our experienced staff are stepping out over the next month and we hope that you'll join us in wishing each of them the best in their respective journeys ahead.


Judy Johnson has been a stellar front desk staff in the facility for over 18 years. Her versatility, efficiency, kindness, and dedication are very appreciated by staff and patrons alike. Judy is retiring at the end of the month.


Erin Eggert has been a fitness center staff, class instructor, and a front desk staff for many years. She is moving on to graduate school at South Dakota State University.


Mark Mitchell, a more recent fitness center staff member, is moving on to dedicate more time to his (along with his wife's) Ancora coffee business. As difficult as it is to see each of them go, we wish Judy, Erin, and Mark all the best.


We are also excited to welcome back Jackie Peterson. Jackie worked on the fitness center staff and as a class instructor from 2011 – 2012. After a brief stint in Iowa, Jackie returns to her previous duties on the fitness center floor and teaching classes.