Staff Spotlight: Shannon Brokish

Shannon and her husband, TimShannon Brokish joined our front desk staff after working 17+ years as a Procedure Scheduler in Cardiology at the UW Hospital. Shannon was the primary “Cath Lab” scheduler. For the past 12 months Shannon has worked as a Patient Scheduling Specialist in a variety of Research Park clinics. Sports Medicine Fitness Center participants will find her substituting at the facility’s front desk on weekdays.


Meet Shannon


Shannon grew up in nearby DeForest (insert favorite “de trees” or “de lake” joke here). As a youth, Shannon naturally loved all things musical. From playing the piano to singing in youth choirs Shannon’s focus/interests/activities revolved around making music.


As a high schooler, Shannon swam on the swim team (freestyle events were her favorite). After graduation she briefly attended UW-Milwaukee. Recognizing that the college life was not for her, she returned to the Madison area to pursue music part time.


For 15 years, Shannon sang and played guitar and keyboards in a variety of area bands. Ranging from cover tunes to original hard rock, her work as a musician crossed many genres. Those familiar with the local music scene might recognize the bands Gibbous and Full Circle – two of the groups Shannon performed with.


As if this wasn’t interesting enough – you should hear Shannon’s wedding story. Shannon and her husband, Tim got married at the Las Vegas Little White Wedding Chapel DRIVE THROUGH. I know what you’re wondering - it was a silver Subaru Legacy GT. Shannon wore purple jeans. Like Shannon, Tim is also a musician and plays multiple instruments.


Shannon enjoys outdoor pursuits like hiking and back country camping. In Door County, she likes to visit Newport State Park to get her wilderness fix. Shannon also enjoys bicycling and frequently rides the Military Ridge bicycling trail.


Tim and Shannon live on the south side of Madison along with “Fish Moony”, their pet Tiger Oscar (aquarium fish native to South America).


We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Shannon and hope that someday you get a chance to meet her.


A Q&A with Shannon


Hometown: DeForest, WI


Current residence: Madison, WI


Birthday: April 17


Family: One husband


Pet: Fish - "Fish Mooney"


Favorite Music: Rock


Favorite Color: Black


Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Turn, Gotham, all of the Star Treks


Favorite Movies: Anything Sci-Fi


Hobbies: Biking, hiking, camping


Favorite Foods: Italian


Favorite Vacation Spots (Thus Far): Newport State Park in Door Co, WI


Favorite Athlete: Dean Karnazes


Nicknames You've Had: Pico, Shay


Brush with Greatness: Performing at BratFest to a crowd of thousands