Staff Spotlight: Megan Lynch

UW Health Fitness Center Staff Member Megan Lynch

The newest member of the Fitness Center team has actually been here all year. Megan Lynch is a recent UW-LaCrosse graduate who did her senior internship with us this past spring and now has joined our staff.


Megan was raised (and currently resides) in nearby Oregon, WI. The third of four children, Megan grew up enjoying the outdoors. She fondly remembers her family’s camping excursions (15 years) to Silver Springs Campground in Rio, Wisconsin.


In high school Megan caught the running bug and ran cross country and track. She continues to run although not competitively.


Megan attended UW-LaCrosse where she majored in Exercise Science. She completed an internship in the Fitness Center this past spring. As an intern she helped teach Senior Weight Training and Strength Moves classes.


As a part of our Fitness Center staff Megan works a couple of floor shifts (currently opening Tuesday and Thursday mornings) as well as tests and creates exercise programs for new members.


Megan also works at Agrace Hospice & Pallitive Care in Fitchburg.


We’re excited to have Megan on our regular staff and hope you have a chance to get to know her. Ask her about “Magnolia” – her very own cow!


Let’s wrap this up with some words from Megan herself:


A Q&A with Megan


Why Did You Choose This Profession?

I never had a direct passion for anything. I wasn't that young kid who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up, what they were born to do. What I did know was that I wanted to serve and inspire people. I decided through exercise I could help people to reach their health and wellness goals as well as feel beautiful, confident, and happy. I find a lot of joy in doing so.


What Do You Like About Working Here (So Far)?


I love the people! I have heard stories, been given advice, and taught lessons. Whether it’s helping teach functional movements for everyday life, or just creating a daily exercise routine, it is very rewarding to watch people gain confidence, and reach their goals. The FC is filled with very kind, intelligent, and inspiring people, and I'm really thankful I get to learn from them.


Hometown: Oregon, Wisconsin. It’s important to quickly add in the Wisconsin part. When I went off to college everyone automatically assumed the state.


Current Residence: Oregon, WI


MagnoliaPets: Magnolia my heifer calf is kinda like my pet. She is almost a 1.5 years old, and 1,000 lbs of cuteness. She was the first heifer calf born on the farm, so she is pretty special. She is really friendly and loves baths and haircuts. Before other animals joined the farm I think she thought she was a dog. Magnolia is accompanied on the farm with 10 new baby kittens.


Favorite Music: 80s-90s country


Favorite TV Show: I do not watch TV, I hardly ever have time for it. But when I do I like it to be the worst possible stuff I can find on TV so.... Real Housewives of Orange County - lots of bad drama amongst a bunch of grown adult women.


Favorite Foods: Cheese, wine, ice cream


Favorite Vacation Spots (thus far): The north woods in the summer time. I would much rather take a week trip traveling Wisconsin than go out of the state or even the country. It's peaceful, there is most likely no cell service in the north woods, and its very relaxing. However, one place I want to visit is Glacier National Park in Montana and Canada. I've always wanted to see the mountains!


Nicknames You've Had: My parents’ nick-name for me is Lucy, it has been that way since I was little. I have no idea where it came from and my parents don't remember where it started. I always respond to it and it throws a lot of people off because it’s not even close to Megan.


Something Very Few People Know About Me That I'm Willing to Divulge Here: Well that is a tricky question...if it’s worth sharing I'm usually an open book. A few things that come to mind are some future dreams I have for myself: Someday I would love to own a Christmas tree farm, and a small winery. It is something I always talked about doing with my Grandpa Red. I feel like I owe it to him to make sure that dream happens in some way, shape or form. Why a Christmas tree farm and winery? I love the smiles on families faces when they go to cut down a tree, there is a lot of joy, and love surrounding that moment. Why a winery? I enjoy the history and beauty of wineries, plus the grapes don't taste too shabby either (in moderation of course).