Staff Spotlight: Kendra Neuhauser

Kendra and her yellow lab KaneThis past spring, we welcomed Kendra Neuhauser to our Fitness Center staff. Those who exercise here in the evenings may have met Kendra already, but this Staff Spotlight will let you learn a little more about her.


Kendra and her twin brother Cameron grew up in nearby Monona, WI. As a youngster, Kendra participated and competed in gymnastics. In high school her athletic interests switched to soccer and volleyball. Her love for volleyball continued into college where she played club volleyball at UW-LaCrosse.


At UW-LaCrosse Kendra majored in Exercise Science and minored in Nutrition. While a student there, she developed exercise programs for nursing home residents and helped children with disabilities find exercise opportunities in their environments.


Kendra enjoys cooking and believes in the importance of a balanced diet. She is a self-proclaimed “Advocate for Breakfast” and routinely discusses the importance of it with her clients. Omlettes are her favorite breakfast item to prepare. 


Currently Kendra is finishing her first year of the Kinesiology Master’s program here at UW-Madison. She plans to complete the program in May 2020 and complete the testing process for the Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification shortly thereafter.


Here at the Fitness Center, Kendra works closing shifts on Monday and Wednesday nights. In addition, she performs fitness evaluations and designs exercise programs for new members. She especially enjoys helping members new to exercise achieve their initial fitness goals and take that first step toward being life-long exercisers.


In addition to working here at the Fitness Center, Kendra works part time at the Princeton Club as a personal trainer and instructor. She works one on one with clients and teaches classes ranging from beginners’ weight loss classes to high intensity interval training (HIIT).


Kendra currently lives in Monona with her parents and a yellow lab named “Kane”. 


We asked Kendra to answer a few questions to help us get to know her better:


Why did you choose this profession?


I have been interested in working in the healthcare field ever since starting high school because I basically grew up in the clinic with the amount of injuries I had. At first, being a pediatrician or a physical therapist was on my radar, but when I went off to get my undergraduate degree I found my love for exercising. I started exercising more regularly and learning a lot more about exercise through the program I was in. I liked making exercise programs whether it was for myself, my mentoring program, my nursing job, or even my friends. With more involvement in the exercise world I found that I would love to work with people that really needed my help in a hospital/clinical setting. And here I am now!


What do you like about working here?


I really like the people that I have gotten to know so far! When you have a set schedule each week you are almost always going to see the same people, so it has been nice to get to know my regulars more and more. 


Hometown: Monona, WI


Current residence: Monona, WI


Birthday: September 27


Family Curt, Sue, Cam (twin brother)


Pets: Kane - yellow lab


Favorite color: Yellow


Favorite TV show: The Office


Favorite movies: Pursuit of Happiness


Favorite foods: Mexican or sushi


Hobbies: Running, reading, craft beer tasting


Favorite vacation spots (thus far): Hawaii or Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Nicknames: Kenny


Favorite athletes: Mary Lou Retton (I have met her!)


People I admire: Everyone that has ever been there for me in times of trouble or celebration.