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American Family Children's Hospital

Staff Spotlight: Class Instructor Milestones

We have long recognized just how great our group of class instructors are. Though we never intend to take them for granted, we can sometimes overlook what a skilled and dedicated group we have. The success of our class program (and the individual success of hundreds of participants) is primarily due to the special gifts these fine instructors bring to their classes.


This Staff Spotlight article showcases instructors who have blessed our facility with their teaching prowess.


Read through this honor roll of dedicated instructors. And, if you recognize an instructor's name on the list, please take a minute to congratulate him/her on their dedication. The longevity and popularity of their classes speaks volumes about the effort and passion they each put in.


Years Teaching Here Primary Class(es) Taught
21+ Years  
Mickey Chitwood Aerobic Mix
Nansi Colley Svaroopa Yoga
Blair Matthews Tai Chi
Pat McCorkle Kundalini Yoga
Lisa Milbrandt  Strength & Flexibility
Sue Peterson Senior Aerobic Dance, Strength & Stability
Nicky Plaut Strength & Flexibility
Lisa Riehl Indoor Cycling
Jude Sullivan Cross TrainingTRX
16-20 Years  
Karen Beck Sub
Mona Melms Indoor Cycling Express
Jodi Oster Aquatics
11-15 Years  
Karla Bock Indoor Cycling, Sr. Weight Training, TRX, Masters Swim
Jessica Ehmann Indoor Cycling
Joanne Haas Sports Conditioning, Indoor Cycling
Deb Stevens Aquatic Core Training
Mark Stransky Sub
6-10 Years  
Mary Bodendein Aqua Strength & Flexibility
Susan Carpenter Weight Training for Women
Kecia Doyle Greene Pilates
Jon Gausewitz Masters Swim
Emily Hauk Tai Chi
Janet McClain Arthritis Plus
Liz Odgren Aqua Aerobics
Susan Reilly Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Deep
Katrina Suddard-Caufield Masters Swim, Swim 101
0-5 Years  
Wendy Broekema Alignment Yoga
David Davis Senior Weight Training
Brian Hancock TRX Complete
Christine Lucas Aqua Aerobics
Sarah Sicard Aqua Aerobics
Elise Sieracki Arthritis
Marisella Telez Giron Zumba
Janelle Van Erem TRX Complete
Alex Wagner Movement That Matters
McKenzie Zdrale Strength Moves