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Staff Spotlight

Lisa Atkins

Fitness Center staff member Andrew MoenMembers who typically visit the Fitness Center on Wednesday evenings or Friday mornings have certainly become acquainted with Andrew Moen. After completing a student practicum experience with us last spring, Andrew joined our Fitness Center staff. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Sciences from UW – Madison in May, 2013.


As a Fitness Center staff member, Andrew works a couple of floor shifts each week as well as the occasional weekend. In addition to his floor duties, Andrew performs new member evaluations and designs exercise programs.


Elsewhere in the building, Andrew runs the pediatric fitness aquatics class on Friday afternoons. This class, part of the Pediatric Fitness Clinic, is an opportunity for children (ages 8-18) to increase their physical activity in the effort to manage weight and prevent related co-morbidities.


Raised in Blanchardville, Andrew is the oldest of 3 kids. Andrew's father was a second generation dairy farmer with a small herd. As Andrew grew up his role as chief farmhand gradually expanded until his dad eventually discontinued farming. Andrew's mother was an elementary school teacher who retains the honor of being "the only teacher to make him stay in from recess."


Although busy with duties on the farm, Andrew always found time to be active in sports. In high school he played football, basketball and baseball. He enjoyed each in its own season but when pressed to choose a favorite admits to being "a bit partial to baseball." Andrew satisfies his zest for the diamond by continuing to play fast-pitch softball.


Currently Andrew lives in New Glarus where he is the assistant coach for the girls' high school softball team. Andrew’s hobbies include playing golf and euchre. He hopes to attend Physical Therapy school and is applying for possible 2015 admission. We enjoy having Andrew on our staff and hope that you get the chance to work with him.


Get to Know Andrew


Get to know a little more about Andrew through his responses to the following:


Why did you choose this profession?

Being physically active has always been a major part of my lifestyle and I wanted to be able to take my experiences and knowledge and apply it to others with hopes that they can find it as rewarding as I do.


What do you like about working here?

Working with a variety of individuals and being able to learn their backgrounds and stories along with what I have been able to learn from other staff members.


Hometown: Blanchardville, WI


Current residence: New Glarus, WI


Birthday: January 22


Family: Dad, Mom, two younger sisters Katie (20) and Clara (16)


Favorite Music: 80's and country


Favorite Color: Red


Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and Criminal Minds


Favorite Movies: Fast and Furious series, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Trilogies


Favorite Foods: Prime Rib, Pizza, Tacos


Hobbies: Fast pitch Softball, Basketball, Golf, playing Euchre


Favorite Vacation spots (thus far): Los Angeles (Rose Bowl trip)


Previous Nicknames: Drew, Possum


Favorite Athletes: Kobe Bryant, any St. Louis Cardinal Player


People I admire: Dad


Something very few people know about me that I'm willing to divulge here: I used to be an Annual Blue Ribbon winner in photography at the Green County Fair when I was younger.