Sports Medicine Fitness Center: Who We Are

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness CenterThe UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center in Madison, Wisconsin offers a wide range of exercise/physical activity options.


Vision and Philosophy


Sports Medicine Fitness Center staff believes in and promotes the essential role physical activity plays in optimal health. Regular physical activity has a significant impact on individual health and we aim to help each of our participants achieve these benefits.


A Medically-based Facility


We approach exercise/physical activity from a medical perspective:

  • As an important member of the University of Wisconsin and the UW Health teams, we are uniquely positioned to work with clients with many medical and athletic conditions
  • All participants are screened, including a physician authorization and in-depth interview/assessment 
  • Participants receive fitness assessment testing as appropriate
  • Our staff has experience working with most medical conditions
  • Our staff is trained and experienced in emergency response
  • We communicate with the medical community, including regular consultation with participant’s health care providers. These include physicians, nurses, physical therapists and others.

Professional Principles

  • Partner to Empower: Our participants will become knowledgeable and independent exercisers. These factors promote success by empowering participants to choose (i.e., want) to maintain and develop their fitness.
  • Personal Working Relationships: We are committed to knowing each of our participants. We forge working relationships between our customers and our individual/collective staff.
  • Specifically For You: We know that every person has unique concerns and experiences. We'll help you find a program that is suited to your specific health and medical situation, goals and interests, schedule, lifestyle, and motivational and support needs. You will learn ways to make exercise/physical activity part of your everyday lifestyle.

Our Commitment


The Fitness Center is staffed with committed exercise/physical activity professionals.



  • All staff members have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in exercise physiology or a related field
  • Many of our staff members have advanced degrees
  • All staff members have unique professional experiences in specialties such as physical therapy, athletic training, cardiac rehabilitation, performance sport, diabetes management and coaching
  • This cumulative knowledge and experience helps us provide each participant with the best service possible. As part of the UW Health Sports Medicine Center, we have numerous resources across the hospital and university system to access when needed