Sports Medicine Fitness Center: About Our Facility

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness CenterThe UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center in Madison, Wisconsin offers a wide range of exercise/physical activity options.


Open to the Public


All programs are open to the public. No affiliation with UW Hospital and Clinics or the University of Wisconsin is necessary for participation in any program.


Wide Range of Participants


Our participants represent all segments of the exercise and physical activity community:

  • Participants range in age from 15 to 90 years old
  • Programs are available to participants with a wide range of medical statuses, from the healthy to the medically complicated
  • The relative fitness levels of participants range from new/beginners to highly competitive athletes

Clean, Spacious and Accessible


We strive to keep all areas in the facility clean, comfortable and functioning as a place you want to exercise.


Ample floor space, a walking track and equipment separation create an open environment that is easy to move around in (even with mobility aids). Many windows allow plenty of natural light and a pleasant view in any season.



UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center

The main exercise floor at the Fitness Center in the UW Health Sports Medicine Center