Exercise Spotlight: Single Leg Squat

The Single Leg Squat exercise is a progression to increase the challenge to your outer hip and upper thigh muscles and challenge your balance.


Start the Single Leg Squat exercise by standing tall, with equal weight on both feet.


Single Leg Squat starting position

Shift your weight into your left leg, pressing your left foot strong into the floor. Lift your right leg off the floor and hold it slightly in front of the left.


Sit back as if you were going to sit in a chair.


Your hips should reach back as you shoulders lean forward slightly.


Your back will be straight and long, your shoulders leaning forward over your thighs.

Single Leg Squat

Check your knee position. The knees should be behind your toes and should point over the big/second toe.


There may be a tendency for your knee to drop into the midline of the body, which is stressful to your knee joint.


Your hip muscles help control this action by rotating your leg out.


Press the left foot into the floor to initiate moving back to start position. Press all the way back to standing tall and strong on the left foot.


Repeat to the right, 6-12 repetitions each leg.