Reminders About the New Track

There’s no missing it . . . the new track is here!


The track now has lanes and a rubberized surface. No question about it – the project was long overdue and the improved surface will benefit many.


The installation of the new track brings an opportune time to review a few facility and etiquette rules regarding its use. Some reminders:

  1. NEW: The outside lane (red) along the north window wall is reserved for Sports Rehabilitation use when staff is working with a patient. Please respect this by moving to the center lane (grey).

  2. Do not wear street shoes on the track. Please change into indoor exercise shoes before entering fitness center and crossing the track.

  3. Do not cross the track anywhere except in front of the hallway/ramp to the locker rooms. Do not step over or around the theater cords to cross the track and into the fitness center. This is for staff use only.

  4. The track direction changes daily. See signs posted on fitness center walls and above the cabana water fountain for the daily direction.

  5. When the track is busy please walk/jog single-file.

  6. Slower walkers should use the inside lane. Reserve the outer lane for faster walkers and joggers/runners.

  7. Lap counters are available at the fitness center desk.

Thank you for reviewing these rules and etiquette tips. Enjoy the new track and help us keep it looking good and performing optimally. Let’s see if we can get another 23 years out of this one!