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American Family Children's Hospital

Getting to Know Our New Registration System

By now, most of our Fall 2017 Fitness Center exercise classes have started. 


This fall’s class registration happened using our new registration system. This software has plenty of advantages built in to it. But like any new software system, there have been unanticipated issues and “bugs” to work through.


We sincerely appreciate the fall class registrants for patiently persevering through any registration problems or inefficiencies. Most, if not all, of these issues have been resolved. We have turned our focus towards methods and strategies we can use to make future class registrations even simpler and smoother.


In addition, we anticipate moving Fitness Center memberships into the new registration system in the coming weeks to allow you to view and manage these accounts as well.


To see your account, visit: And don't forget you can also view tutorials on creating an account or registering for classes.


Thanks for helping us make this transition as smooth as possible!