Medicine Ball Arc Movements

The UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center is presenting this as a medicine ball activity. Please remember that virtually any object with significant mass can be used. The advantage of a Med Ball, in addition to its portability, is that dropping it will likely not hurt you if it landed on you, nor would it damage the floor or equipment itself.


Here's what you need to know about medicine ball arc movements.



Med balls vary in size, with the lightest at one kilogram. Beginners should start without any weight and perfect the exercise movement first. Begin with a lighter med ball and move incrementally up to heavier, more challenging med balls.


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Find a relatively flat space free of obstacles with room to walk forward and back 10 to 15 steps. The aerobic classrooms in the Fitness Center are good locations. The gymnasium, your driveway or your empty garage are all good places to perform these exercises, as well.



Most med ball arc movements are excellent total body strength and coordination activities. Performing these exercises will simultaneously strengthen your core while improving your balance and coordination. Your arms and shoulders will certainly be tested. The multisegment, sequential movement aspect of these movements will challenge and train your body to move as an efficient, coordinated unit.


Sets and Progressions


This progression would likely occur over the course of weeks or months depending on your initial level of fitness and your ability to pick up some of the nuances of each movement.

Start by doing one set of 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise (in each direction) without using any weight. Begin with lower resistance and evaluate your body's response to the use of any weight using that feedback as a guide to help you determine how aggressively you can advance yourself. Upon mastery of the exercise, bump yourself up to two to three sets of each.