Locker Room Etiquette

The Sports Medicine Fitness Center locker rooms facilitate the changing needs of hundreds of participants every day. Our housekeeping staff does a great job keeping the locker rooms uncluttered and clean over long days (16 hours on most days) of member, class participant, and clinic patient use.


Unfortunately, our housekeeping staff IS NOT available to continuously clean up the locker rooms throughout the day. After hours a thorough cleaning always takes place. But we need to also rely on building staff as well as participants to do their part in keeping the locker rooms tidy and comfortable for all users. Here’s some simple ways you can help:


1. Refrain from using strongly scented products
Please avoid using heavily scented products. Some people are sensitive to chemicals and strong fragrances. We strive to make the environment at the UW Health Sports Medicine Center comfortable and accessible to all.


2. Close Your Locker
Closing your locker as you leave immediately improves the appearance of the locker room as well as makes it easier for staff to pick up any residual messes. Closed lockers make navigating through any congestion safer and more comfortable. Please conclude your locker room visit by closing your locker.


3. Pick Up After Yourself
Throw any garbage you create (wrappers, empty bottles, etc.) into the trash and any towels you use into a dirty towel hamper. Housekeeping staff is not always available to pick up both locker rooms during daytime hours.


4. Respect the Disabled Dressing and Showering Area
Both locker rooms have areas expressly for our members with disabilities. These areas feature lowered hooks and stable benches for transfers.


5. Dry Off In The Designated Drying Area
Dry off in the designated drying area (between showers and locker room). This area is tiled and drains the water from dripping bodies and wet feet. Wet carpet wears prematurely, creates odors and is generally annoying to all locker room users.


6. Inform Staff Of Full Hampers
Deposit all wet towels in the designated collection hampers. If the hamper is full please inform the Fitness Center staff or push the hamper into the entrance to locker room. Staff will have a fresh bag placed on it ASAP!


Hundreds of patrons use our locker rooms each day. We count on our participants’ help doing the simple things that keep our locker rooms safe and comfortable to all. Thank you for your contribution to these efforts.