Exercise Spotlight: Lateral Step Up

Start by standing with your right side to a stable box or step ( step on your right). Stand close enough to be able to step onto the bench safely.


If you have balance concerns, modify this exercise by touching the left foot to the step.


You can end in a single leg balance position on your left leg, or touch your right foot down for balance assistance.



Lateral Step Up Starting Position  Balance on your left foot, standing tall and strong.
Lateral Step Up Step 2 Step sideways onto the step (entire foot on step) with the right foot.
Lateral Step Up Step 3 Weight shift onto the right leg, pressing through the right foot to help you stand tall. Keep the right knee centered over the ankle while you lift your left knee up to hip height.
Lateral Step Up Step 4 Return your left foot to the floor.
Lateral Step Up Step 5 Weight shift back to the floor.