High-efficiency Exercise Options (FC News)

The UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center in Madison, Wisconsin offers a wide range of exercise/physical activity options, including swimming.


Time is always short, and having a program that incorporates multiple movement patterns can help you get a great workout without devoting a ton of time. Here's how you can do it.




Find an open space free of obstacles with room to move, including room above your head. We'll use hand-held weights, but you may want to practice the movements without any weight first.




The exercises below will enhance upper-body strength, and you may also experience improved balance and coordination. Your arms and shoulders will be tested, and the sequential movement will train your body to move as an efficient, coordinated unit.

Sets and Progressions


Start by doing one set of 10 to 15 repetitions for each arm, using light weight. Begin with lower resistance and evaluate your body's response to determine how aggressively you can advance yourself. Upon mastery of the exercise, bump yourself up to two to three sets of each.


Video Examples


Fitness Center senior exercise physiologist Jude Sullivan demonstrates two combination strength techniques with an upper-body emphasis. 


UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center exercise: Arm press and shoulder press


Arm curl with shoulder press


UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center exercise: Upright row and lateral raise


Upright row with lateral raise