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Help Your Friends Get Moving Toward Health

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UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center offers Moving Toward Health to help individuals get started exercising.As a Fitness Center member, you already know that exercise is an important part of physical health and mental well-being. And you probably can appreciate how hard it can be to maintain an exercise routine, or even just start one. Maybe you even know of family members or friends who want to start a program, but just don't know where to begin. They can start right here at the Fitness Center!


UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center is proud to offer a new program: Moving Toward Health. It is designed to welcome people who are new to exercise and to provide them with a space to explore a variety of options.


The class will help the new exerciser learn more and move more. Each week an exercise-related topic will be introduced and discussed. Afterwards, the group will exercise in the Sports Medicine Fitness Center – learning how to move better, use equipment, monitor progress and of course have fun.


Different modes of exercise will be explored including traditional aerobic and strength equipment, functional movement, group fitness classes as well as water options.


This is a perfect opportunity for anyone new to exercise. In addition to the regularly scheduled sessions, all participants will have access to the fitness center throughout the eight week session.


Help us spread the word and let your friends or family members know there's help to get started.


Moving Toward Health Class Information


Mondays, January 23–March 13, 6-7:30 PM

UW Health Research Park Clinic
621 Science Drive


The class is limited to 10 participants. Cost is $240. Fee includes the class plus unlimited access to the fitness center during the 8-week session. Participants cannot be current Fitness Center members and should not currently be exercising regularly.


Be sure to check your health insurance provider to see if all or part of the class may be covered.