Five Reasons to Swim for Exercise This Summer


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Why should you swim? Here are five good reasons:
  • Swimming is an amazing total body aerobic workout. Swimming forces you to use your entire body to propel yourself through the water. Not only do your arms and legs work to perform the "obvious" propulsion, but your core muscles (abdominals, back, butt) are constantly working. The core muscle involvement becomes an essential component of more efficient swimmers.
  • Swimming has minimal impact on your joints. Swimming is a nonimpact sport that will not put any stress on your knees, hips, feet or other weight-bearing joints. Swimming allows you to build muscular strength and endurance while getting a great cardiovascular workout, all of this without any further wear and tear on your joints.
  • You control the intensity of your workout. You can increase or decrease your pace, use different strokes and perform special sets (e.g., kicking) to customize your workout to meet the desired intensity.
  • Swimming is a life skill. Swimming is an activity that you will be able to perform throughout your life regardless of your age. If you spend time near water, swimming should be considered a vital skill as well.
  • Swimming is fun. Many activities incorporate swimming (boating, beach days, pool visits, water games, triathlons, etc.). Swimming will allow you to participate in any water environment recreation without reservation. Swimming more efficiently and confidently will make these activities more enjoyable than ever.

Share This StoryHow the Fitness Center Can Help You Swim into Summer


Want to make 2013 the summer you "take the plunge" toward being a better swimmer? Think of the world of opportunities available to you as a confident and more efficient swimmer. We're eager to help you along the way.


Whether you're a novice swimmer acclimating to the water and learning the basics or you're looking to compete in your first triathlon, we have a program to help you meet your goal.


Swim Lessons


UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center swim instructor and student in poolThe Sports Medicine Fitness Center is proud to offer private swim lessons to our participants as well as the general public. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced competitor in search of improved technique/stroke refinement, our experienced instructors can take you to the next level of swimming efficiency. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.


Learn to Swim


First time swimmer? No problem. Our Sports Medicine Aquatic Center instructors work hard to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with the main objective of ensuring that you achieve your personal swimming goals.


Swim 101


Swim 101 is the perfect small class environment for improving your individual swim stroke. Each participant receives individual assessment of their stroke strengths and weaknesses. Group drills are designed and practiced to improve the efficiency of all participants. Environment: Small classes (typically five to 12 swimmers) of novice ability level.


Masters Swim Class


Experienced swimmers will find our Masters Swim classes to be a perfect fit. Our experienced coaches will challenge you with creative workouts while your classmates will motivate you to be your best. Previous swimming experience recommended. Environment: Mid-sized to large classes (typically 12 to 18 swimmers) at moderate-advanced ability level.


Swim Fit


If you would like to swim laps independently (without an instructor or classmates), consider enrolling in Swim Fit. Swim Fit is the opportunity to swim laps during select times during the week. Select from morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend times. Choose to swim 1-3 times a week. Optional sample workouts are available to help swimmers improve performance and stay motivated. Swim Fit lets you use the convenient and spacious Sports Medicine lap pool this summer for your training needs.