Fitness Center Staff Spotlight: Lisa Milbrandt

Fitness Supervisor Lisa Milbrandt is a familiar face at the Fitness Center. Having worked in many Sports Medicine Center departments, Lisa's unique blend of skills and experience are a great asset.


A native of Merrill, Wisconsin, Lisa went to school at UW-LaCrosse. She started working in the Fitness Center and in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy (now Sports Rehabilitation) in the mid-1990s. During this time, Lisa took classes at UW-Madison to become a licensed athletic trainer.


In Sports Rehabilitation she saw patients recovering from a wide range of orthopedic injuries. Her rehabilitation knowledge and experience is a great asset to the Fitness Center and its participants.


UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center's Lisa Milbrandt


Lisa on the Fitness Center floor with a client

Lisa is also the team leader for Integrative Practices and a handful of other classes offered at the Fitness Center, including yoga, tai chi, qigong, Feldenkrais, pilates and spine ball. As team leader she makes decisions on which programs to offer and recruits and trains instructors. Lisa also teaches a section of the ever-popular Strength and Flexibility class as well as her very own Mid-Day Movement class. She enjoys modifying exercise and movement for individuals of any ability.


Lisa enjoys finding the right program for individuals just getting started in our facility. Most new participants in our class program here at the Fitness Center have their medical and exercise history reviewed by Lisa. Lisa's background combined with her diverse teaching and therapy experience make her the ideal staff representative for this duty.


Lisa's passion outside this facility is taking care of animals. Her home is currently occupied by two dogs, two cats, six birds, a horse and one husband. Lisa teaches dog obedience and helps teach behavior classes for Dog's Best Friend Training.


Though Lisa will humbly do whatever she can to change the subject and not acknowledge it, it is a documented fact that she was awarded UW Hospital's Employee of the Month in August, 2008.


We are extremely fortunate to have Lisa on our staff. Our facility couldn't be what it is without her.


Let's hear from Lisa herself.


Why did you choose to enter this field? Why do you stay in it?

Share This StoryI started out college thinking about vet school or something in the horse production field. During that time I became pretty involved in middle-distance running and tennis. After I decided vet school was not in my future, I decided on the exercise science-related fields.


I stay in this field because (a) we in the Fitness Center have got really cool jobs and get to work with really great people (members and co-workers), and (b) there can be so many barriers to consistent exercise (we are not immune!) and I like the puzzle of helping people figure out how to move forward.

What are your responsibilities here?


I work on the floor in the Fitness Center, coordinate the Integrative Practices classes and answer dog questions.

What sports or other physical activities are your favorites?


Running (well, now jogging), kayaking, snowshoeing, yoga.


More About Lisa

  • Hometown: Merrill
  • Current home: Madison
  • Family:
    • Human: husband Mat
    • Canines: Newfoundland (Jaxon) and golden retriever (River)
    • Avian: The wild bunch
    • Felines: Jesse and Lucy
    • Equine: Xander
  • Hobbies: Read, ride and train my own critters
  • Favorite food: Lulu's baba ganoush
  • Best vacation spot (so far): River and Jax love finding their "inner sea dog" on the shores of Lake Superior
  • Childhood heroes: C.W. Anderson. He wrote children's horse books. Typically his stories were about a girl and a horse overcoming adversities, but mostly he was an incredible illustrator.
  • People I admire: I admire a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. Everyone has a story.
  • Brush with greatness: Attending seminars/lectures by Temple Grandin and Ken Ramirez