Fitness Center Building Update Fall 2019

The Research Park Clinic building was closed June 25–June 30 due to air conditioning issues.  The fitness center and all the clinics had to close while a temporary chiller was located in Tennessee, transported to Madison and connected.  Fortunately, this temporary chiller is functioning perfectly and the exercise areas and clinics are being appropriately cooled.


A permanent chiller will be installed this fall completing the project. We do not expect any additional building down-time.


Living by the adage “never let a good crisis go to waste,” the facility was able to get these additional projects done while the chiller was being replaced:

  • A thorough cleaning of all surfaces in the Aquatic Center. A special thanks goes out to Jodi, Dianne, Kevin, and a number of our Lifeguard staff for their diligent work in a hot and humid environment!
  • Cleaning in the large and small classrooms
  • Repairs and painting in the women’s locker room showers

We thank all of our participants for their patience and understanding during this unexpected closure. Fitness Center members and TRP participants have had 6 days credited to their memberships. Participants in cancelled classes have been provided with make-up opportunities.


Thank you again for your patience.