Featured Exercise: Shift Squat

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The squat exercise is good for strengthening the lower extreminity and core. View additional squat exercises

The ability to hold a position for an extended period time while shifting your weight, can be a common – yet unrecognized – feature in our movement repertoire. Depending on your lower extremity strength, it can be very challenging to do. What does that mean? The UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center presents a video for you to help learn in order to do the movement anywhere without the need for additional equipment.



Find a convenient open space. You may want to practice the movements with a stable support to hold onto in order to determine your ability to perform them when you are out in "free space" without using additional equipment.


Equipment – None


You will notice differences depending on the floor surface beneath you. A concrete, tile or wood floor with a non-skid surface would provide the most stability, while having carpeting or some other surface with a "cushioning" feel will add to the level of difficulty.



Performing this movement will help expand your ability to support your body weight in different, challenging positions.


Progression Ideas

A training progression would likely occur over the course of weeks or months depending on your initial level of fitness and your ability to pick up some of the nuances of each movement.


Start by doing one set of five to six repetitions of each exercise, as long as you can do them successfully. Be sure to evaluate your body's response and use that feedback as a guide to help you determine how aggressively you can advance.


Upon mastery of either exercise, consider adding two to three repetitions every couple of weeks.


Once you reach 12 to 15 repetitions, you can then consider sitting lower to the floor.


Video Examples

Fitness Center senior exercise physiologist Jude Sullivan demonstrates the exercise in the videos below.