Exercise Spotlight: Mobility with a Stick

The UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center presents three mobility movements that can be simply done anywhere.
With growing concerns of poor posture with advancing age and inactivity, these movements can aid in keeping you in tune with body awareness, position and spinal mobility.
Find a convenient, open space with plenty of room around you and no objects that can be accidentally struck.
Our video demonstration uses a one-inch PVC pipe five feet in length. You can use a mop or broom handle.
Share This StoryPerforming these exercises will enhance physical awareness/positioning as it relates to posture and spinal mobility, as well as coordination and balance.
Sets and Progressions
As you develop awareness, approach these movements accordingly. Begin conservatively with regard to the extent you expand your range-of-motion and allow your body to continue at its own pace.
Fitness Center senior exercise physiologist Jude Sullivan demonstrates three exercises that can be done virtually anywhere.