Cybex Arc Trainer

UW Health's Fitness Center now has the Cybex Arc Trainer for a non-impact aerobic workoutThis spring the Fitness Center welcomed its newest piece of aerobic exercise equipment, the Cybex Arc Trainer. Hopefully, many of you have already given it a try and added it to your exercise routine. Some of you may have even participated in our recently concluded Arc Trainer Olympics – and became an expert user in the process!


What is an Arc Trainer?

The Arc Trainer is a non impact, weight-bearing exercise option. Like other indoor aerobic options (eg. treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines, etc.), it has its own unique characteristics. Noteworthy features include:

  • Easy to learn
  • Adjustable for nearly every size and fitness level
  • Greater involvement of hip girdle musculature

New users who are experienced using elliptical trainers (for instance, our Precor AMT or Life Fitness Cross Trainer) will certainly notice that it feels different. That's because it is different. It is not an elliptical trainer – it's an arc trainer. The pedal/foot platforms travel a different path.

Neither the elliptical path nor the arc path is necessarily better than the other. If the Arc Trainer (or for that matter, any piece of equipment) causes you any pain or discomfort please discuss this with the Fitness Center staff. We will gladly assist you in making appropriate alternate exercise choices.


So, have you tried the Arc Trainer?


If you haven't done so yet, hop on and give it a try. And of course, feel free to ask the working floor staff for a personal introduction. You'll be glad that you did!