Class Spotlight: TRX Programming

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center offers TRX classesSuspension training, often referred to as TRX (named after the most prevalent suspension training manufacturer), is one of the hottest forms of exercise going. The Sports Medicine Fitness Center has caught the fever and has a handful of rapidly growing classes emphasizing suspension training.


We heartily endorse the Suspension Training's philosophy of training movements, not muscles. Using the unique suspension system, TRX participants learn to use gravity to stimulate strength gains by moving through new and challenging positions.


Users of the Fitness Center have certainly seen the TRX straps hanging from the recently reinforced walls of our large class room. The variety of exercises possible using this system are essentially limitless. The experienced (and creative) TRX instructors can effectively train nearly any segment of the body and any movement desired.


Our TRX classes utilize intervals to keep you moving at a quick pace. Standard exercise positions require a baseline level of strength and the ability to move up and down from the floor. Exercises performed can require balancing on a single leg, or being on your hands, as well as dynamic movement while in these positions.


Since the emphasis of TRX is on training movements (versus specific muscles), nearly every exercise performed requires core strength. Hence, abdominals, lower back, butt, and hip muscles are challenged during any TRX exercise. Of course, a strong core has extensive benefits ranging from improved physical performance to injury prevention.


Each of our TRX classes utilizes the popular suspension training system in combination with other modes of training to develop agility, strength and mobility. These well-rounded classes provide the ultimate in total-body fitness. TRX Complete is our original 1 hour suspension training class. TRX Express is an abbreviated (45 min) lunch time alternative. TRX Tactical Fitness is a higher intensity evening class meeting twice a week.


We are excited about bringing TRX to the Sports Medicine Fitness Center. We hope that many of you will give it a try. We’re confident that you will be pushed to a higher level of functional strength than you’ve ever experienced before.