Class Spotlight: Tai Chi Fan

UW Health Sports Medicine Fitness Center offers a unique fitness class Tai Chi FanPeople passing through the Fitness Center from 6-7pm on Thursday evenings are treated to a colorful and eloquent site through the small exercise classroom’s window.


Inside, vibrant, multi-colored Oriental fans sweep gracefully in choreographed unison. It is our inaugural Tai Chi Fan class.


More Than Just Pretty to Watch 


As beautiful as it is to observe, Tai Chi Fan is just as delightful to perform. And good for you too. An ever-growing body of research demonstrates the benefits of tai chi on cardiovascular disease, fall prevention, bone health, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic heart failure, and even depression in older people.


We have been fortunate to offer a variety of Tai Chi classes here for years. Many of these programs have been taught by Joan Severson. Joan has expanded her Tai Chi offerings to include Tai Chi Fan.


Tai Chi Fan practice incorporates the soft flowing movements of Tai Chi while opening and closing a simple elegant fan to perform block and strike movements. 


The fans of ancient practice were often made of heavier metals and were used for protection and as a weapon. Tai Chi Fan is performed with lighter fabric and bamboo fans that become an extension of your movement and energy, creating a stillness within your movement.


No previous Tai Chi experience is necessary to participate in Tai Chi Fan. We invite you to stop by some Thursday night and take a look at the exquisite movement. Better yet, consider signing up for the next session of Tai Chi Fan and become a participant in the graceful display.