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Swim 101

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UW Health's Sports Medicine Fitness Center offers swimming classes to help you make the most of your time in the water.Swimming is a great form of exercise (Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons why you should swim.) But for some, they haven't had a swim lesson since childhood. The UW Health Sports Medicine Center offers swimming classes for all abilities of swimmers. And if you're just getting started, or looking to progress to a new level, consider two popular course - Swim 101 and Intro to Masters Swimming.


Swim 101


Swim 101 is one of the truly unique and special programs offered at the UW Health Sports Medicine Center.


Many adults have basic swimming skills – often learned as youths many years ago. Although these skills allow them to play in the water and enjoy most water activities, their swimming abilities may limit them from swimming as a mode of exercise. That’s where Swim 101 comes in.


Swim 101 is specifically for adults interested in using swimming as a regular fitness activity but need stroke instruction and practice in order to feel more comfortable and efficient in the pool. Swim 101 is a small group of adults with the common interest of taking the next step toward becoming better swimmers. This class helps transition the “safe but inefficient in the water” swimmer to a smoother, more efficient “I can swim for fitness” swimmer.


Each Swim 101 participant receives individual assessment of their stroke strengths and weaknesses. Group drills are designed and practiced to improve the efficiency of all participants.


Kayla Prosser, teaches this 8-week class. She is skilled and experienced in working with swimmers of all abilities.


Intro to Masters Swim


Intro to Masters Swim is a natural transition from Swim 101 into fully participating in a Masters Swim class. Held on the same day and time as Swim 101, Intro to Masters Swim further develops the stroke mechanics of the novice swimmer – making them more efficient and confident in the pool. Meanwhile, their fitness level improves to a capacity where they can participate fully in a Masters Swim class.


We hope that you’ll give Swim 101, Intro to Masters Swim, or both a try this fall! It just might be the perfect tool for introducing you to the wonderful world of swimming for fitness.


For more information or to discuss your specific situations about which class is best for you, please contact Aquatics Manager Kate Hemesath at, or (608) 265-8350, ext. 1.