Class Spotlight: Strength Moves

UW Health Fitness Center Strength Moves class: People in an exercise classRarely does a day go by when we are not reminded of the importance of strength training. We see it on the news, in articles, commercials and all kinds of media, letting us know of its importance for all age groups.


Yes, by now most of us are very well aware that strength training is important for everyone regardless of their age or fitness level. However, knowing that strength training is vitally important doesn't always equate to implementing regular strength training in our lives. As disciplined and dedicated to regular exercise as we try to be, it can get difficult to stay consistent with strength training.


That is exactly why it's very important (and a good idea) to consider and experiment with strength training options. One highly-effective strategy is to take a strength training class. Strength Moves is one such class.


Share This StoryStrength Moves integrates hand weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and a wide array of other equipment. Participants are introduced to a well-rounded strength program each class. Music and friendly banter amongst participants creates a fun and motivating atmosphere that helps participants work at the level needed to truly achieve results.


Strength Moves is offered Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6-7am. An hour of strength training before heading off to work is the perfect way to start the day for many people. There is also a Friday session from 8:30-9:30am for those looking for a single-day class option or want to integrate a third day of strength training each week.


If you're looking for ways to freshen up your strength training routine, we encourage you to consider Strength Moves. You'll be motivated by the instructor and other participants while being challenged by new and interesting exercises. It could be just the boost to your program that you've been looking for.